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What Makes AmeraAir The Best Face Masks & Mask Filters Out There?

AmeraAir: Ultra Comfortable. Ultra Premium.

AmeraAir provides premium masks that are formatted to be light weight, comfortable and filtered.

The CDC recommends wearing a mask while out in public and we know you are looking for quality, comfort and functionality. We are proud to be an American company providing your next face mask, which is why we include fast & free shipping with your purchase.

Sizing Is Adjustable

AmeraAir provides masks that are adjustable so you can have the perfect fit with each wear. The CDC recommends you cover your nose and mouth, and our masks will do that for you.

Our Filters Contain 5 Different Layers

We at AmeraAir provide top of the line filters have 5 layers that are included with each mask purchase. They are manufactured to keep out many harmful bacteria, germs, and molecules.


These times are hard, and it is our mission here at AmeraAir to instill hope in our customers. We are right there with you in the hopes that we can all protect ourselves and get some sense of normalcy back. With our masks we aim to give you hope and get you back to your normal routine.

The Perfect Face Mask Includes

#1. Filtered protection through many layers. 

Our masks don’t just have one layer to protect you. They have 5 layers of high quality filters. Our masks have an additional 2 layers of high-quality material which in total will protect you with a total of 7 layers. 

#2. Sturdy but breathable

Our masks are formulated with a high-level cotton that will create a comfortable wear and also keep you protected at all times. Even with the many layers, our masks are still breathable and won’t restrict airflow. You will be able to fit the mask to your liking and not have to worry about your mask being too loose or too tight.


AmeraAir is a U.S. based company proudly selling locally and shipping globally. Same day shipping, fast and free, from the United States! Questions? Please refer to our F.A.Q. page. If you can't find an answer there please email